Tips to Make Your NEW HOME BUILD Experience Go Flawlessly!

Looking into building a new home? Keep these few tips in mind to prevent any unexpected delays or disappointments while you build the home of your future!

architects_plans1.)     Do your homework– Research your builder and make sure they are the best fit for the type of home you want. Some builders excel in specific types of homes; do you want a home with all the latest technology and gadgets, maybe your prefer a luxurious and spacious home with an old era feel, perhaps your taste is a green home or even a petite but multi-functional home. You want your builders specialty to be in the type of home you want in order to avoid disappointment in a home that didn’t fulfill your personal needs properly.

2.)     Get prequalified– Getting prequalified lets you know exactly how much home you can comfortably afford and prevents delays in the home building process. Any lender will be able to tell you how much you can afford and the steps to take in order to increase the loan amount you qualify for. Doing this ahead of time and fixing any problems that may present themselves will keep your home build on schedule.

mortgage FSGet Pre-Qualified Now!

3.)     Shop around for lenders– Builders usually have a lender they work with and they offer incentives if you use their preferred lender. This doesn’t mean you have to use them; look for a lender that will give you the best interest rate to save money in the long run or offers better incentives for using their service.

4.)     Get a list of the standard features– New home builders have different levels of what they consider twitter-liststandard and what they consider upgrades. Using builders that already include the features you want as standard will save you money by not making you purchase those upgrades. Be careful, however, that the base price isn’t heavily weighted in order to make up for the “standard” features.

5.)     Schedule accordingly– Builds can take anywhere from a couple months to upwards of a year depending on what kind of home you want. Schedule appropriately so that you don’t get stuck in between homes and have to pay  costly hotel fees or even worse get stuck with two mortgage payments while your home sells. Keep in mind that delays happen due to weather, material delays, or other holdups so keep a little wiggle room to compensate.

house-construction(1)6.)     Be involved– Make sure you visit your home while it is in the process of building so you can spot any errors or want to do some last minute changes to your home. Schedule a time with your builder to visit the home so you can enter the home in a safe manner, it is an active build site after all with plenty of dangerous power tools and other hazards. Be weary of a builder that refuses to allow you to visit while your home is under construction; some builders even offer online sites that allow you to view the home in process without ever even stepping foot on the property!

northglenn-house-painting7.)     Enjoy!– Once the process is done kick back, relax, and get ready for the fun part; decorating and turning your newly built house into a personalized home you love just for you!

Keeping these tips in mind will help prevent stress from unexpected occurrences and streamlines the process to your new home so you can focus on the important part, living your new life in your newly constructed home!


Post by Efrain Flores, New Construction Liaison for Cisneros Homes LLC

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